Gert Wingårdh's Sauna | Photography by Jean-François Jaussaud

Sauna su nuostabiu vaizdu į gamtą


add lavender oil into a bucket full of charcoal that is hot and steamy.As soon as you do that the lavender scent will come out , it is very relaxy to do that way, better, and you will feel refreshed and sleep much better at night.

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t wasn’t so long ago that the only way to spend some time in a sauna meant that you needed to have a membership to a spa, gym or some other private facility. The task of building a sauna was… Continue Reading →

| P | Sauna Architecture @ Maja. Photo Pauliina Salonen. Thank you, Linda, for posting.

glass walled white sauna off shower

Интерьер бани

Contrasts in sauna

Welcome Home Darling

A STEAM ROOM.//See How This 1913 Edwardian Was Transformed Into a Modern Masterpiece: A stunning stone steam room leads to the interior sauna.

great modern sauna

seamless transition wet and sauna area

Bastulav i asp från Folkkärna

Bastulav i asp frn Folkkrna


Portable Steam Sauna - We Answer All Your Questions!



AUSSENSAUNA | Deisl – Gesundes Vertrauen in Holz

Portable Steam Sauna - We Answer All Your Questions!

Sauna; Küng AG (tolle Wandverkleidung)

Sauna for Home with Wooden Material by Kung Sauna tipe 1 view

Sauna Gym de la firma Effegibi. #interiorismo #saunas

interior of an excellent sauna


Sauna room: Amangiri Resort and Spa , Utah

Nordic design – A modern classic