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tea party games for adults to play on the table with paper hearts and crayons
Plum Deluxe: Home of the Best Monthly Tea Subscription Service
Why not add an element of good old-fashioned fun to your event with these six tea party games for adults?
ham and cheese tea sandwiches with toothpicks on them are the perfect appetizer for parties
Ham & Cheese Tea Sandwiches - Oh, How Civilized
Totally cute ham and cheese sandwiches. A perfect finger food for afternoon tea, parties, and snack time! Two bites and they’re gone. #teasandwiches #fingersandwiches #smallbites #appetizers #partyfood
an information card for afternoon tea
Isles of Albion: Photo
From Isles of Albioncomes t ips for a delightful AFTERNOON TEA, a traditoin followed in Europe, but not yet fully embraced in the States.
a table topped with plates of food next to cups and saucers on top of a checkered cloth
Autumnal Afternoon Tea
Autumnal Afternoon Tea