Janos Honkonen

Janos Honkonen

A diver, gamer, geocacher, urban explorer, photographer, writer and a recovering hobbyholic.
Janos Honkonen
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Here's one for all of those "hard work will make you rich" one-percenter arsepandas.

If Wealth was the inevitable result of hard work ad enterprise, every woman in Africa would be a millionaire - George Monbiot

A cockroach giving birth.

Cockroach giving birth.LOOK how many 1 Roach puts out.Look what the guy that photographed said. "Baby roaches are damn cutiepies" (from toastedpopsicle: via tumbler)

People not knowing Titanic was a real ship...

People not knowing Titanic was a real ship.

Capitalism, social security and parasites.

Jason Read On Successful Parasites In A Capitalist Economy."A successful parasite is one that is not recognized by it’s host, one that can make it’s host work for it without appearing as a burden.