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Aurelija Viluckyte
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#Milk Consumption and #osteoporosis correlation. #dairy #vegan #finland #sweden #usa #uk

Consumption and correlation.


Veganism doesn't only save animals' lives. Tonight this child will go to bed hungry. Yet elsewhere in the world, cattle will eat 16 pounds of grain . to make just 1 pound of beef .

Don't Ask me Why I'm a Vegan T Shirt

I'm a Vegan T Shirt Don't ask my why I'm a Vegan.ask yourself why you aren't one T Shirt. Funny shirt about food.

Why vegan?

This is exactly why I became vegan. Except at first it was for my health, to eat healthy food. And I figured eating vegan was best. And then I started watching the videos like Earthlings and educated myself. I've been vegan for just over 2 months now and

cheese is not animal friendly

Cheese is not animal friendly. The dairy industry is the beef industry is the veal industry. Go vegan.