The feeling of standing behind the curtains, feeling the warmth of the stage lights, the rush of adrenalin through your body, the tightness of your leotard and tutu, and the stiffness of your pointe shoes.


to dance. to spread the beauty and joy of the art-in which human expression is most beautiful. to the superb ability of the human body, and the limitless potential to the human mind.


I love the female body! I will feature HOT pics of Women in Tight Yoga Pants. I may slip in a few Sexy Cleavage pics, but I am all about Tight Yoga Pants and Yoga Shorts:)

ZsaZsa Bellagio – Like No Other: ballet beautiful - the practice

So beautiful. San Francisco Ballet School trainees rehearse Myles Thatcher’s “Spinae” at the New National Theatre Tokyo. Photo by Alexander Reneff-Olson.

tiny ballerina-oh how I love to dance. Ballet is a true art in honest and required discipline of mind, body and spirit.

I really hope that's a grand battement...and she's not just lifting her leg.

one said "The world is not fair. ^^)" but I think you'll be very flexible if you work on it regularly and frequently.