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a red dragon sitting on the ground in front of an eye
an image of a harry potter family with the words despicable me on it
Harry Potter [pictures]
someone is playing the ukulele guitar on their webpage, and it appears to be an impossible guitar
Awesome – theCHIVE
a comic strip with the words it's happening
an image of a woman brushing her teeth with three other people around her and flowers in the background
an image of a woman with long hair in the process of making her own face
Tumblr Bullshit 22: Classics
two people sitting at a table in a room with shelves and other items on the floor
Junk food in the shop by LeLazard on DeviantArt
two people sitting on the floor in front of a train with many other people standing around
an image of harry potters face with different facial expressions and captioning them
new generation su instagram {completa}
the storyboard shows how harry potter is doing his best job in this comic strip
Harry Potter and the Crystal Prophecy-P4/4 by Alomoria on DeviantArt