Damask Wallpaper

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many plates are arranged together on a blue and yellow tablecloth with gold trimmings
Noell golden yellow
Versace presents: A solar system of magnificent circular ornaments which, at closer inspection, reveal a majestic, stunningly imaginative plate-theme. Neo-baroque ornaments, Art Deco geometry, butterflies, shells, corals, the mystical power of the Medusa – discover the most breath-taking of galaxies in this extravagant luxury wallpaper with a hard-wearing vinyl surface. #Wallpaper #Newwallpaper #DamaskWallpaper
a blue and gold wallpaper with an ornate design on it's side,
Samanta turquoise blue
Stylised blossoms and leaves are combined to create familiar-looking damask wallpaper ornaments. The special effect of this non-woven model is based on the contrast between the matt turquoise blue and grey-beige pattern, which stands out as a tangible relief from the shimmering pearl beige background. The radiant turquoise blue is fresh and light, reminiscent of the summer sky. #Wallpaper #Newwallpaper #DamaskWallpaper
black and gold wallpaper with an intricate design
Letona sand yellow
#Wallpaper #Newwallpaper #DamaskWallpaper
a close up view of a tie with red and pink stripes on the bottom half of it
Nebula ruby red
Versace Design Barocco and Stripes - Delicate embossed stripes lend a timeless elegance to this Versace design in ruby-red and claret. A perfect match for our wallpaper Fotini with floral ornaments in gold. #Wallpaper #Newwallpaper #DamaskWallpaper
a red and white toiler print wallpaper
Toile de Jouy red
Paper-based model Toile de Jouy looks as precious as the cotton fabrics from the French Jouy region which were printed in the 18th century using engraved copper plates. The detailed design in the typical red shows historical scenes of life in the countryside. This exclusive wallpaper will turn any room into a luxurious hall in a Loire castle. White and antique furniture go particularly well with this special model. #Wallpaper #Newwallpaper #DamaskWallpaper
the texture of white paper is very intricately designed and looks like it could be used as a background or wallpaper
Wilton white
A weave of stylised tendrils creates the striking effect of this English relief wallpaper. The raised pattern combines classic elegance with timeless individuality. Painted over in the colour of your choice, wallpaper Wilton offers endless design options. Light and shade make the stunning relief an eye-catcher in any room, no matter which colour you choose. #Wallpaper #Newwallpaper #DamaskWallpaper
a green rug with an intricate design on the top and bottom corner, in various colors
Embry pine green
When three become one - this natural mix-and-match symbiosis of pattern elements from the eras of Renaissance, Baroque and Art Nouveau makes for a very contemporary take on beloved styles of the past. The beautifully regal green background colour adds to the general high-carat quality of this unusual design wallpaper. #Wallpaper #Newwallpaper #DamaskWallpaper
a close up view of a wallpaper with white flowers on grey and pink colors
Anastasia grey white
A damask pattern consisting of imaginative flowers and leaves characterises this premium-quality non-woven wallpaper. Shimmering silver-grey and white are the predominant pattern colours on the grey-white background. Anastasia brings understated elegance to your walls. A classically furnished living room is just as suitable for this model as a luxurious bedroom. #Wallpaper #Newwallpaper #DamaskWallpaper
an image of blue and silver fabric with floral design on the bottom half of it
Rabia steel blue
The steel-blue colour exudes regal elegance befitting the opulent damask pattern. Like a precious curtain of elaborately embroidered fabric, this gorgeous damask wallpaper is a real gem for the walls. The robust super-washable vinyl model can withstand even the most demanding conditions. #Wallpaper #Newwallpaper #DamaskWallpaper
a chair sitting in front of a wallpapered room
Rajah black
This opulent Baroque design is an enrichment for any wall. The sophisticated tactile relief creates a luxurious atmosphere. Just look at the fabulous black tendrils on their shimmering black background. #Wallpaper #Newwallpaper #DamaskWallpaper
a close up view of a blue and black wallpaper with floral designs on it
Anastasia pearl blue
The combination of three different shades of blue makes the floral damask pattern of this non-woven wallpaper particularly sophisticated. In combination with the azure background, the grey-blue and pearlescent blue pattern creates a relaxing atmosphere. The large, artistically arranged and intertwined flowers and leaves elevate this wallpaper to a real work of art. #Wallpaper #Newwallpaper #DamaskWallpaper
an artistic golden background with angel wings and swirls on the side, in gold foil
Morrigan gold
The crowns and angels' wings of our golden wallpaper Morrigan are both glamorous and mysterious. The delicately embossed vinyl surface reminds us of the engraving on a luxurious piece of jewellery. #Wallpaper #Newwallpaper #DamaskWallpaper
a black and white drawing of a woman laying in bed
Toile de Jouy black
A wallpaper design based on the precious cotton fabrics printed with delicate motifs in 18th century Jouy, France, beautifies your room in a fabulous historical style. The motifs - scenes from 18th century rural life - recreate the detailed printing technique that was unparalleled in its day. #Wallpaper #Newwallpaper #DamaskWallpaper
a bathroom with a toilet, sink and shower curtain in front of a white wall
Townsend white
With its tactile relief, wallpaper "Townsend" exudes unobtrusive elegance: Its classic pattern of dots, flowers and wreaths is embossed into the wallpaper. The interplay of light and shadow adds movement to the three-dimensional design. This wallpaper can be given a coat of paint in the colour of your choice and turns your room into a sophisticated drawing room. #Wallpaper #Newwallpaper #DamaskWallpaper
the shadow of a bird is cast on a piece of paper that has been cut out
Okina black
Velvety black flock elements form expansive damask ornaments of flowers and leafy vines on a shimmering, pearlescent dark grey background. The deep black of the flock material with its tactile structure emphasises the striking elegance of the design. The softly shimmering contrasting base colour provides attractive reflections of incident light. Furniture pieces with curved shapes are a beautiful design partner for this trendy wallpaper. #Wallpaper #Newwallpaper #DamaskWallpaper