Non-woven wallpaper

Non-woven wallpapers are a total success story as they have revolutionized the market. No more soaking times -the wallpaper is applied directly to the…
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an old wallpaper with flowers and leaves on it's side, in pastel colors
Ebba pastel rose
On the light background in cream white, the stylised flower tendrils of floral wallpaper Ebba appear delicate and lively. The slight contrast between the base colour and the matching hues of the flowers and leaves - shades of ivory and brown, light grey, pastel pink and pastel green - creates a harmonious backdrop with a slightly nostalgic character that can be combined in a huge variety of ways. #Wallpaper #Newwallpaper #Non-wovenWallpaper
the sky is blue and white with clouds
Asali shades of blue
This romantic wallpaper opens heavenly heights to all those who want to float on clouds. They are soft as candy floss and form a gorgeous pattern. The mural consists of three lengths and, due to its robust vinyl surface, is also suitable for decorating pieces of furniture. #Wallpaper #Newwallpaper #Non-wovenWallpaper
a wallpaper with flowers and birds on it
Pazia multi-coloured
Delicate blossoms and leaves, beautiful colours on a creamy white background, birds and butterflies drawn true to nature floating between the branches - non-woven wallpaper "Pazia" is a real feast for the eyes. As a stylish addition to the Country House style or combined with antique furniture, this striking wall décor can be used in many ways and decorates an inviting living room just as effectively as a bright, calm bedroom. #Wallpaper #Newwallpaper #Non-wovenWallpaper
a close up view of a blue tile floor
Barite dark blue shimmer
The interplay of shimmering and matt shades of blue framed by narrow lines in gold creates diamond shapes and trapezoids. They boast a three-dimensional effect of spatial depth. With its blue colour, the Art Deco wallpaper radiates calm and liveliness in equal measure and provides an extraordinary room impression. Gold-coloured decorative elements pick up the shimmering golden lines perfectly. #Wallpaper #Newwallpaper #Non-wovenWallpaper
closeup of green and white feathers on the back of a wallpapered fabric
Yasmin shades of green
This exclusive Versace design wallpaper turns any room of your home into a tropical palm garden. It's incredibly realistic, inviting us to touch the natural looking fronds. The special relief structure and the authentic imitation of the foliage provides a truly stunning effect. Various shades of green on a cream-white background strengthen the general impact. #Wallpaper #Newwallpaper #Non-wovenWallpaper
a black and gold wallpaper with wavy lines
Verve gold
Golden spirals on a dark background appear to be moving across the walls, creating a unique perspective of time and space. A veritable masterpiece by Design Karim Rashid. #Wallpaper #Newwallpaper #Non-wovenWallpaper
a floral pattern with leaves and flowers on a dark blue background, suitable for wallpaper or fabric
Pavonia grey blue
A sea of flowers in all shapes and sizes characterises this gorgeous non-woven wallpaper. On the calm, grey-blue background, the red, yellow, blue and white blossoms seem to shine all by themselves. The colours bring all the vitality of summer into the room and allow for a huge variety of combinations. #Wallpaper #Newwallpaper #Non-wovenWallpaper
a wallpaper with yellow flowers and green leaves
Flowery shades of green
Bright yellow with blossoms in delicate creamy hues, interspersed with leaves in different shades of green on a creamy white background - this non-woven wallpaper appears bright and friendly and at the same time exudes a sense of nostalgia. It's perfect for an inviting kitchen, a cosy living room or a bedroom where you dream of fragrant flowers. #Wallpaper #Newwallpaper #Non-wovenWallpaper
a blue and white wallpaper with an abstract design
Bavero brilliant blue
Who doesn't love the Country House style with its extra dose of romantic nostalgia? This enchanting geometry wallpaper reminds us of our grandmother's kitchen. Stylised flowers in a bright colour combo of blue and white are arranged in a diamond-shaped grid. All that is missing is an antique kitchen cabinet and the delicious aroma of apple pie. #Wallpaper #Newwallpaper #Non-wovenWallpaper
two circles are shown in an orange and brown background
Apollo orange
Bring the atmosphere of the 70s to life with this striking wallpaper. Pattern and colour choices go hand in hand: the circles surrounding each other, so characteristic of 70s pattern design, boast the typical yellow and orange tones on a brown background. The highlight of the pattern: viewed from a distance, the arrangement of the circles creates shapes reminiscent of four-leaf clovers. #Wallpaper #Newwallpaper #Non-wovenWallpaper
an image of a wallpaper with tropical flowers and birds on it's surface
Neboa pearl beige
The colourful, fantastic world depicted on this striking non-woven wallpaper could be from a tropical version of "Alice in Wonderland". Among exotic plants with leaves in a wonderful variety of shapes and colourful mushrooms perch parrots with magnificent collars and crowns and lizards with top hats and pocket watches. In combination with wall paint in a matching colour, this model creates a space that awakens and stimulates your creativity. #Wallpaper #Newwallpaper #Non-wovenWallpaper
a black and brown rug with circles on it
Avalon matt gold
Like a precious antique mosaic, small matt gold and black-grey pattern elements come together to form fan-shaped ornaments in the style of Art Deco. The sophisticated colours give walls a luxurious touch. The finely structured vinyl surface of this beautiful non-woven wallpaper is super-washable, which means you can add Art Deco glamour even to your bathroom. #Wallpaper #Newwallpaper #Non-wovenWallpaper
a black background with flowers and birds on it
Margarete pine green
Large, almost three-dimensional blossoms which look as if you could touch their delicate petals, colourful birds and butterflies, branches with green leaves on a pine-green background - the artistic illustrations of non-woven wallpaper "Margarete" look like a valuable painting. The textile-like structure of the vinyl surface further intensifies this impression. At the same time, the material is super-washable and therefore even suitable for bathrooms. #Wallpaper #Newwallpaper #Non-wovenWallpaper
an orange and white background with rounded shapes
Waris orange
The 1970s are the obvious inspiration for vintage wallpaper "Waris"! With its large graphic elements - irregularly-shaped rectangles with rounded corners piled on top of each other - and a strong shade of orange on a creamy white background, this non-woven wallpaper takes you on a journey through time. Strong browns and nuances of orange-red as well as curved shapes emphasise the effect of your retro furniture. #Wallpaper #Newwallpaper #Non-wovenWallpaper
a floral wallpaper with pink flowers and green leaves on a beige groundcloth background
Ancasi antique pink
With its shades of purple, red and pink, the floral pattern of this design wallpaper hits all the right notes. Natural strength and beauty find each other in this smooth non-woven wallpaper which fills the room with the power of nature. Perfectly suited for any room that needs an injection of energy and life. #Wallpaper #Newwallpaper #Non-wovenWallpaper