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Maa Ki Dal Recipe - Delicious dal cooked in spices and generous amounts of ghee, butter, cream and curd. Direct from Punjab, this maa ki dal recipe won't disappoint you!

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Chicken Chettinad Recipe - This is one of the best chicken recipes you may have tried yet. Bring some magic to your plate with chicken cooked in some peppery authentic Chettinad paste laced with coconut and onions.

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Spicy Creamy Kadai Chicken Recipe - One of the classic Indian chicken curries is just a few steps away. Let juicy chicken chunks simmer in a spicy broth and finish off with a note of cream!

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Chicken Xacuti Recipe - A Goan delicacy smothered in a home made spice and coconut paste. This recipe was shared by Tara Deshpande in the gourmet session at The Imperial, New Delhi. The recipe is a part of her book