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Think pink with our range of modern pink wallpapers. Perfect for bedrooms, girls rooms, living rooms, and just about any other room of the house. From blushing peach to punchy fushia shades, you're sure to find one you love.

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Pink & Blue Funky Modern Statement Wallpaper - Feathr Wallpapers

Drift wallpaper was designed by Casper Heijkenskjöld to create a design inspired by the look of liquid flowing in various directions in a state of zero gravity. The pink & blue funky modern statement wallpaper has a minimalist design with curved lines on a solid background and is ideal for a modern home.

Feathr Lunar Gems Wallpaper by Michiko Design-Peach B&q Wallpaper, Peach Wallpaper, Modern Wallpaper Designs, Designer Wallpaper, Tribal Pattern Wallpaper, Kids Patterns, Pattern Art, Pink Blue, Light Purple

Pink & Blue Elegant Kids Pattern Wallpaper - Feathr Wallpapers

Influenced by imaginings of moonlit archaeological digs and the treasures they might yield, Lunar Gems wallpaper in peach helps draw out a viewer’s imagination. The pink & blue elegant kids pattern wallpaper is inspired by tribal textiles to create glowing gems under the heat of the sun.

A modern floral designer wallpaper - combining as many beautiful things as the artist could fit inside a single scene. Butterfly Wallpaper, Pink Wallpaper, Beauty Illustration, Clipart Black And White, Beauty Hacks Video, Luxury Interior Design, Beauty Room, Designer Wallpaper, Contemporary Artists


A modern floral designer wallpaper - combining as many beautiful things as the artist could fit inside a single scene. Some odd things may have...

A striking and minimalist modern designer wallpaper, utilising a simple approach to typography, letters and the alphabet. Pop Art Wallpaper, Alphabet Wallpaper, Designer Wallpaper, Alphabet For Kids, Other Rooms, Elle Decor, Modern Minimalist, Girl Room, Home Art

Cream & Yellow Funky Kids Alphabet Wallpaper - Feathr Wallpapers

Using a simple combination of the alphabet, letters, and typography, the Alphabet wallpaper in cocktail blends various colours together into a gorgeous wall covering. The cream & yellow funky kids alphabet wallpaper features images that look more like shapes than letters unless you look a bit deeper.

Dog Park Wallpaper by Kiki Ljung Dog Wallpaper, Wallpaper Online, Original Wallpaper, Application Pattern, Dog Park, Elle Decor, Designer Wallpaper, Girl Room, Wall Murals


Dog Park is a personal, spontaneous approach to creating a colorful and fun design. This design has a 1950’s simplicity to it, which adds...

An intricate and unusual hand-drawn designer wallpaper, featuring the Scandinavian artist's trademark detailed and textured worlds. Funky Wallpaper, Perfect Wallpaper, Wall Wallpaper, Pattern Wallpaper, Scandinavian Pattern, Newsletter Design, Wall Patterns, Elle Decor, Designer Wallpaper


An intricate and unusual hand-drawn designer wallpaper, featuring the Scandinavian artist's trademark detailed and textured worlds....

A playful and fun modern designer wallpaper, influenced by Japanese anime culture. This kowai/kawaii wallpaper explosion will brighten up. Kawaii Wallpaper, Pink Wallpaper, Other Rooms, Designer Wallpaper, Girl Room, Cool Kids, Playroom, Colours, Japanese

Brown & Purple Cool Kids Statement Wallpaper - Feathr Wallpapers

Perfect for a child’s bedroom or playroom, Boom! Wallpaper features intense colours and images that are influenced by Japanese anime culture. The brown & purple cool kids' statement wallpaper provides a visual punch of style that adds excitement to any space.

Diamonds in the Sky Wallpaper by Maria Lee Diamonds In The Sky, Pink Wallpaper, Designer Wallpaper, Line Drawing, Girl Room, Pink Girl, Symbols, Wallpapers, Shapes


A minimalist designer wallpaper that rewards exploration. At first, the design may seem to be line drawing of shapes - but as you get...

Tabriz Wallpaper by Hortense Ardalan Pink Wallpaper, Wall Wallpaper, Other Rooms, Elle Decor, Designer Wallpaper, Designs To Draw, Girl Room, Wall Murals, Wallpapers

Pink & White Modern Stripe Ethnic Wallpaper - Feathr Wallpapers

Inspired by traditional striped wallpaper and created for modern homes, Tabriz wallpaper in pink introduces Middle Eastern and tribal motifs. This pink & white modern stripe ethnic wallpaper is inspired by Persian Kilims and focuses on taking something traditional and making it new again.

The artist has Scandinavian roots, but this beautiful contemporary wallpaper design was inspired by Japanese lakes on misty mornings. Feather Wallpaper, Watercolor Wallpaper, Pink Wallpaper, Colorful Wallpaper, Wall Wallpaper, Watercolour, Wallpaper Crafts, Japanese Landscape, Contemporary Wallpaper

Blue & Green Maximalist Finnish Designer Wallpaper - Feathr Wallpapers

Brimming with colour and texture, Water wallpaper was designed by a Scandinavian artist and inspired by Japanese landscapes. This blue & green maximalist Finish designer wallpaper depicts an abstract lake with light shining off of the water and landscape nearby.

A beautiful modern floral wallpaper, inspired by the artist's love of historical pattern, particularly Alexis Peyrotte’s beautiful. Modern Floral Wallpaper, Vintage Floral Wallpapers, Contemporary Wallpaper, Pink Wallpaper, Colorful Wallpaper, Flower Wallpaper, Wall Wallpaper, Wallpaper Crafts, Photoshop Me

Green & White Colourful Distressed Flower Wallpaper - Feathr Wallpapers

A beautiful modern floral wallpaper, inspired by the artist's love of historical pattern, particularly Alexis Peyrotte’s beautiful acanthus leaf drawings. Through combined mediums such as hand drawings, laser-cut wood stamps and Photoshop, I create a layered piece that expresses texture and nature designed to add an edge to contemporary wallpaper.

Feathr Day Dreaming Wallpaper by Teija Vartiainen B&q Wallpaper, Feather Wallpaper, Painting Wallpaper, Original Wallpaper, Animal Wallpaper, Stunning Wallpapers, Beautiful Wallpaper, Fox Print, Contemporary Wallpaper

Cream Modern Childrens Fox Wallpaper - Feathr Wallpapers

A bevy of fox run across the Daydreaming wallpaper in gold, which draws inspiration from illustrations by Klaus Haapaniemi. The cream modern childrens fox wallpaper is ideal for a child’s bedroom and adds a touch of beauty and modern appeal to any space.

Tattoo Flash II Wallpaper by Liam Sparkes Pop Art Wallpaper, Designer Wallpaper, Bold Colors, Colours, Famous Tattoo Artists, Modern Tattoos, Funky Design, Elle Decor, Girl Room

Pink & Blue Funky Modern Tattoo Wallpaper - Feathr Wallpapers

Criss-crossed with tattoo flash in grey, blue, and pink, the Tattoo Flash II features a contemporary feel with bold colours and designers. The pink & blue funky modern tattoo wallpaper was created by famous tattoo artist Liam Sparkes and marks his first foray into wallpaper art.

Drip the Scales Wallpaper by Aino Huhtaniemi Original Wallpaper, Pink Wallpaper, Other Rooms, Designer Wallpaper, Girl Room, Contemporary, Modern, New Homes, Wallpapers

Pastel Funky Art Deco Wallpaper - Feathr Wallpapers

Dripping colours like pink, yellow, and grey, Drip the Scales wallpaper in Memphis is inspired by varying location like Miami, Memphis, and Tokyo. The pastel funky Art Deco wallpaper has an architectural feel that meshes well with the minimalist Scandinavian design.

Feathr Drawer Wallpaper by Tong Ren B&q Wallpaper, Graphic Wallpaper, Painting Wallpaper, Adhesive Wallpaper, Stunning Wallpapers, Latest Wallpapers, Scatter Cushions, Chair Cushions, Tong Ren

White & Black Funky Creative Graphic Wallpaper - Feathr Wallpapers

A simple but striking design inspired by Quantum mechanics. The result is a minimalist designer wallpaper that adds intrigue to any home. What is in the drawer? Maybe a pen, a toaster or a memory stick? All the possibilities are in the drawer. And until the moment you open it, that is the "reality".

Department Wallpaper by Sophy Hollington Tile Wallpaper, Geometric Wallpaper, Photomontage, Other Rooms, Designer Wallpaper, Girl Room, Home Art, Wall Murals, Shabby Chic

White & Black Stylish Bright Geometric Wallpaper - Feathr Wallpapers

A minimalist, arthouse designer wallpaper, inspired by the Surrealist art movement. This Surrealist landscape depicts many things that are equally and mutually meaningful and important to each other....a bluish doodle, a metal The Department wallpaper in rainbow was made by artist Sophy Hollington, who is well known for using typical printmaking techniques to create worlds both dark and humorous. The white & black stylish bright geometric wallpaper was created with a linocut technique and…