Arthur Sandels

Arthur Sandels

Once it has been seen...
Arthur Sandels
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Mechwarrior Online concept art

The next instalment in the MechWarrior franchise MechWarrior Online will be free to play

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal

Are you aware that disbelieving evolution, but not knowing what natural selection means, is like disbelieving gravity, but not knowing what motion is?

52. PHIL PLAIT: Welcome to science

This is a comic drawn by ZenPencils. The quote is from Phil Plait taken from a talk he gave at a student science fair. Apparently, the night before the spe

Carl Sagan’s thoughts about the Afterlife (or rather our wishful thinking about it…), looking Death straight in the eye & daily gratitude to Life’s brief and magnificent opportunity… [By Zen Pencils]


Because God never promised to make things easy, only to make them possible, and because a life lived without adversity is a life lived without growth.