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a white bench with flowers on it in a corner next to a wall and wooden floor
Upcycled telephone chair for the hallway. Painted in a cream paint and then distressed. I reupholstered this chair in a fabric from Ikea.
a white bed topped with lots of pillows next to a night stand and nightstands
French Floral Ruffle Bedding Set / Rosé Pink - Rosé / Medium / Flat
Indulge in the timeless romance of our French Rose Ruffle Bedding Set. Adorned with exquisite ruffles and inspired by the elegance of French aesthetics, this set transforms your bedroom into a sanctuary of luxury and charm. Each duvet cover comes with four corner ties and a hidden zipper to keep your duvet insert in place all night long! Elevate your sleep experience with a touch of floral elegance, creating an atmosphere where comfort and beauty harmonize in every detail. Each Small/Medium, Med
a white bed topped with pink roses next to a window
Этот белоснежный и воздушный комплект я сшила для милой Арины @kukolnye_nezhnosti -кукольных дел мастера ✨. Спасибо за заказ, давно мечтала сшить подобное . Получилось роскошно ! . А вы бы решились на подобное ? Или предпочитаете потемнее ?) Я такое белье только у иностранок видела ☺️
a white chair with a flowered seat cover on top of it in a kitchen
Шебби-королевство в доме мастерицы из Казани
a pink table and chairs in the grass
The Upcycled Garden: Pink For Your Boho Cottage Garden
a table with a cake on it in a room filled with pink flowers and chandeliers
49 Cozy Decor Shabby Chic To Copy Asap - Home Decoration Experts
an image of a dining room setting with flowers on the table and chandelier
O encantador estilo Shabby Chic na decoração - Conexao Decor
white ruffled pillows are stacked on top of each other
Ruffled Chenille Coverlet Bedspread Shabby Chic Bedding Chenille Bedding White Ruffled Bedding - Etsy
a bedroom with pink and white bedding in front of a window filled with china
My house Featured on Terrys Enchanted Garden website