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— hipster-trichster: I always laugh way too much...
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Glumshoe l like haunted houses in theory BUT l have no idea how to react when the actors speak to you. They ask me a question and ljust... answer it... The scariest part of a haunted house is the unscripted social interaction. & glumshoe Scary nurse in a creepy voice: “Do you have an appointment to see the doctor?” Me: “Uh. Do you accept walk-ins?” Scary farmer: “I like to kill people!” My friend, brightly: “I like to die!” 5% puerto-nicO Me : “Do you get dental insurance?” Zombie : TEETH?!" % schmergo This happened to me. Scary prison dude: HELLO Me: Nice to meet you! - iFunny
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Ms. Marvel ep 2
Ms. Marvel ep 2