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I recently realized a few things about my poor clothing choices - and why I needed fewer clothes. Thoughts on how I purged my closet, why I'm trying out Stitch Fix, and why less is more. Best Of Journey, Complicated Relationship, School Dresses, Im Trying, What I Wore, Elementary Schools, Stitch Fix, Choices, Minimalism

What I Learned From A Closet Purge

It was late on a Saturday evening. I was scheduled to sing in our church's morning service and decided to pick out my outfit the night before. As I pushed hangers aside and looked at what was hanging in my closet, I had the familiar overwhelming feeling - "Why do I have so many clothes

New Quotes Christian Love Relationships Words Ideas James 4 6, Ignatius Of Antioch, Tumblr Relationship, Relationships, Better Relationship, Doers Of The Word, My Ex Girlfriend, Blessed Is She, Hope In God

Being a Woman in Light of the Gospel

The past few weeks, I've done a few things a bit uncharacteristic for me. I started a study of Proverbs 31 , the infamous "perfect woman" of the Bible. And I went to a Christian women's retreat. On the surface, these may not seem very radical to you. If you're a female conservative evang

How community supported agriculture changed our lives - and tips on why you should do it and how to get started Best Of Journey, Community Supported Agriculture, I Passed, Get Excited, Daffodils, Our Life, How To Get, Change, Tips

How Community-Supported Agriculture Changed Our Lives

The past few weeks, color has started springing up all over the city - white apple blossoms looking like snow-covered treetops, bright yellow daffodils nodding to me as I pass our front flowerbed, and grass finally recovering its green hue after long months of brown and yellow. And when I see all th

6 Tips for Cooking Asian Food (And A Book To Help You start) — Journey Mercies Best Of Journey, Japanese Noodles, Indian Curry, Rice Noodles, Rice Bowls, Fish Sauce, Side Recipes, Love People, Meal Planning

6 Tips for Cooking Asian Food (And A Book To Help You start)

Lately, I've been cooking a lot of Asian food - Indian curries, Japanese noodles, Korean rice bowls. When we first moved back to Kansas City, I reveled in the easy availability of ingredients that were hard to find in Cambodia - capers, lemons, flat-leaf parsley, salmon, prosciutto. But over the pas

6 easy ways to book the best international flights - traveling overseas this summer? check out my guide to getting the best flights for your money (and finding ones that won't make you go crazy before you even arrive) Best Of Journey, Cheap International Flights, Summer Travel, Time Travel, Best Flights, Overseas Travel, Going Crazy, Family Travel, Adventure Travel

6 Easy Ways to Choose the Best International Flights

Andrew and I are planning a trip to Ireland and the UK this summer , our first trip overseas after returning from Cambodia about a year and a half ago. We are pretty excited about visiting two new countries (although Andrew did go to Ireland several years ago, I wasn't around then), meeting

I've learned a lot about living in a small home over the past six years - here are 4 ways to love your (almost) tiny home! Best Of Journey, Poker, Tiny House, The Past, Love You, Te Amo, Je T'aime, I Love You

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I'm Stepping Out of the Comparison Game — Journey Mercies Best Of Journey, Games Journey, Stepping Out, Christian Women, Love People, Encouragement, Told You So, Faith, Inspirational

I'm Stepping Out of the Comparison Game

American Woman, I tip my hat to you. I forgot what it was like to live under the burden of expectation. The countless number of ways to live and love and mother also means countless voices telling you how to do that. And choice is overwhelming to me right now. Food, ho

4 sanity savers for the working mom - encouragement and helpers in juggling all the plates of work and motherhood Best Of Journey, Christian Women, Poker, Encouragement, Texas, Plates, Mom, Inspiration, Licence Plates

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How Pregnancy Made Me Go Green — Journey Mercies Mean Green, Go Green, Best Of Journey, Love People, How To Stay Healthy, Just In Case, Pregnancy, Explore, Live

How Pregnancy Made Me Go Green

When those two blue lines showed up on the strip of the plastic Vietnamese pregnancy test in my bathroom in Cambodia, I had no idea how many changes were ahead of me. And I had no idea how much being pregnant would make me go green. Ok, just in case you're wondering, I don't mean green with envy,

Journey Mercies: Travel Tips for Rookies: How to Survive An International Flight I feel like I'll be grateful I pinned this one day. Travel Info, Time Travel, Travel Tips, Travel Plan, Travel Hacks, Travel Packing, Oh The Places You'll Go, Places To Travel, Travel Destinations

Travel Tips for Rookies: How to Survive An International Flight

Your bags are checked, and you made it through security without losing your shoes, boarding pass, or dignity. You've splurged on an overpriced Coke and magazines promising to keep you busy for about 15% of the upcoming flight. You're enjoying the last few minutes before climbing into a large metal t

When culture shock feels like drowning - thoughts from an expat. Clear Ocean Water, Water Me, Best Of Journey, 30 Weeks Pregnant, Culture Shock, Krabi, Feel Like, Holiday Travel, Feels

When Culture Shock Feels Like Drowning

Last Christmas, Andrew and I spent a week at the beach in Krabi, Thailand - part "baby-moon", part Christmas holiday trip. And midway through the week, we took an all-day snorkeling trip - which was fun and felt a bit scandalous, since I was 30 weeks pregnant. We

How Cambodia Taught Me to Love Real Food — Journey Mercies Best Of Journey, New Recipes, Real Food Recipes, Community Supported Agriculture, Hot Pockets, Chicken Piccata, One Summer, Fun Events, Make It Through

How Cambodia Taught Me to Love Real Food

When we moved to Cambodia three years ago, I had no idea that I'd have to throw out everything I knew about food and cooking and grocery shopping, and start from scratch... pun absolutely intended. Before Cambodia, I considered myself fairly proficient in the kitchen. My favorite dish to make was

Invite Them Into the Mess {Guest Post} — Journey Mercies Best Of Journey, Invite, Invitations, Stop Worrying, Christian Women, Love People, Purpose, Encouragement, Community

Invite Them Into the Mess {Guest Post}

Today I'm over on Project: On Purpose, talking about how to invite people into the mess of our hearts and homes. Here's an excerpt -