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an animal skull is on the table with other items
Cryptid Stitchalong (SAL) ~ PDF Pattern | The Witchy Stitcher
Flower girl  2 Indian Patterns, Plastic Canvas
Sundance Designs Online
Flower girl 2
a cross stitch pattern with an image of a nutcracker
A De Grazia image for a pillow
two cross stitch samples with the words bee and honey on them, one is yellow
���� #30 - 515 - Yra3raza / Фото #30 - 515 - Yra3raza
a cross stitch bag with flowers in it and instructions on how to make the pattern
Вышивка крестом схемы
Саше "Lavander bag" - Бискорню и другие "кривульки" - Страна Мам
a cross stitch christmas card with a sheep and santa clause holding a bell on it's side
Ornament #11-finished 10Feb13-from Shepherd's Bush, Just Cross Stitch Ornament issues "Joyful Nights" (added the words and rusty jingle bell)...going to stitch them all!! Now, how to finish :)
two cross stitch bookmarks with bees and flowers
���� #31 - 515 - Yra3raza
two bee related cross stitch charts one with hive one with lots of bees
a small square ornament with a ribbon tied around it
Shepherd's Bush Cross Stitch Finished "In a Stable" Ornament