Garden DIY

interesting idea: plant box and belts . Hook together several belts to be large enough to go around if using real leather belts (from thrift store) . these "belts" look more like strap webbing and could be DIY made to size.

How to Make Sprouts - 6 day progression

Top 5 Reasons to include Sprouts into your day. PLUS How to Make Sprouts in 4 EASY Steps! Your body will love you!

Gentle Gardening Arsenal

Gentle Gardening Arsenal

Gentle Gardening Arsenal-- 5 substances you can use regularly to reduce pests and sickness in your garden

cold composting, a tutorial

Garbage Smoothie Anyone? – cold composting, a tutorial

Compost piles are a wonderful thing and they make great compost if you actually maintain them…. or you wait 2 or 3 years. Well, I currently have no place to let a compost pile sit unnoticed …