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an iphone screen with the text plan on it and icons in red, green, blue and white
Must-Have Planning Apps for College Students
two people standing in front of a house covered in fake white towels with the caption i'm scared that i'm not making enough memories
Explore yourself
Explore yourself
a black and white photo with the words, questions that extend the brain
the top knott guide to stains is shown on an instagramture phone screen
On that note, learn how to take care of the clothes you have.
a pair of shoes next to a bottle of cleaner on the floor with caption that reads, life hack use nail polish remover to make converse look new
the text on the phone says, dear summer me don't take it for granite
• d e a r s u m m e r m e •
the logo for heimgehen abschlus 2012 is shown in green and white
i wanna to travel the world written on a map
a drawing of a monkey sitting on top of a stool in front of a mirror
ily me
how to instantly feel better poster with different colors and words on the bottom right hand corner