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the reflection of a person sitting at a table in a store window with a wreath on it
four christmas cards with buttons on them and the words diy christmas cards attached to them
22 DIY Christmas Cards That Deliver More Holiday Cheer Than Store-Bought
Instead of buying those big packs of identical holiday cards, make these easy homemade cards that really say you're thinking of that special someone.
some cookies that are on a cookie sheet
Piparitortut | Reseptit | Kinuskikissa
Vastapaistettujen joulutorttujen tuoksu käynnistää joulun odotuksen ihanalla tavalla. Koska torttuja leivotaan pitkin loppusyksyä, mukaan mahtuu myös uudenlaisia muotoja ja makuyhdistelmiä. Vaihtelua voi hakea vaihtamalla perinteisen luumumarmeladin johonkin toiseen makuun tai kokeilemalla uusia malleja. Minä päätin yhdistää tämänvuotiseen torttuohjeeseeni toisen jouluklassikon: piparkakut. Piparkakkujen ja torttujen yhdistelmä on mutkaton ja maukas. Kun taikinan vielä kietaisee rullalle ja [...
small gingerbread houses in glass cups on a table next to a tea light candle
Piparkakkutrifle - joulun nopein jälkiruoka | Annin Uunissa
Piparkakkutrifle - joulun nopein jälkiruoka
a person is holding a fork over some cinnamon buns on a piece of wax paper
Joulurinkilä | Reseptit | Kinuskikissa
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a lantern is lit up with christmas ornaments
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Decorations de Noel
an ornament hanging from the top of a christmas tree
The Architecture of Happiness
two hands holding wine glasses in front of a christmas tree with chandelier and chandeliers
PIN: HeatherDelamorton
PIN: HeatherDelamorton
a large christmas tree sitting in the middle of a park next to tall buildings and a red heart
New community features for Google Chat and an update on Currents
A stunning Christmas tree outside St. Patrick's Cathedral in NYC/"O Christmas Tree! O Christmas Tree! How richly God has decked thee! Thou bidst us true and faithful be, And trust in God unchangingly. O Christmas Tree! O Christmas Tree! How richly God has decked thee!" (O Christmas Tree, Traditional German carol)
an old car with presents on the roof and two children in the back driving through snow
Velkommen til en koselig julegavehandel!
Blogg Home and Cottage: Velkommen til en koselig julegavehandel!