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a bird is sitting on the floor in front of wine bottles at a grocery store
Morning Random Picture Dump 36 Pics
two black birds sitting on the snow next to a red fox and a black bird
crow resting on fox
a close up of a chicken on someone's lap
a person holding a knife in front of a black bird with it's beak open
a white chicken laying in the grass
a black bird sitting on top of a person's lap next to a hair dryer
a black bird standing on top of a stone floor
a person holding a small bird in their hand
an old woman sitting on a bench holding birds
Bird Lady of Central Park NYC by halnormank | Redbubble
a man with birds on his head looking up at something in the air above him
This Ivy House
a black bird with a knife stuck in it's beak is standing on the ground
a black bird with a magnifying glass in it's mouth on the grass
a black and white bird sitting on top of a person's hand next to a fence
Magpie ref