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Classic Brendon.

watching brendon urie preform iwsnt is very entertaining bc you don't know if after he says "what a shame the poor groomsbride is a whore" what he's going to do like is he going to make a face? will he say, "so slutty" like damn beebo y u do dis

My mother use to pull down guys pants when ever she saw boys sagging them. Well sometimes not only the pants came off.

Very accurate description of setting out on the short and painful road of being a Sherlockian<<<This post literally quotes what Benedict says saying his lines SO fast is like though lol

Haha Dean Winchester

"Why are you telling my weaknesses to the enemy; now they're going to bribe me with pie to have their evil way!" Garth and Dean, Supernatural "Sharp Teeth"

That's what I thought too

That is so sad/made me laugh. Seriously doctor who makes me so confused as to whether to laugh or cry xP