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Matsya with the Vedas as infants.

🟠Apkallus e seres-peixe

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Cantinho de Imagens da Guerreira: | Mestres da Fraternidade Branca |
Master Seraphis Bey, White Flame / Brotherhood of light / Great White Brotherhood


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🟠Alquimistas, astrólogos e esotéricos

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Renacimiento -RAFAEL-“El encuentro de León Magno con Atila”: fue creado con la ayuda de Panni y Giulio Romano. Actualmente, se encuentra en el Palacio Apostólico de la Ciudad del Vaticano.
Flavius Aetius surveys the Catalaunian Fields, 451 AD.  Double click on image to ENLARGE.
"Catalaunian Fields", José Daniel Cabrera Peña

😈Attila o huno

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size: 18x12in Giclee Print: Roman statue of Diana of Ephesus. Artist: Unknown :
Artemis Bendis leaning on a herm of Pan - circa 4th c. BC, from Greek classical period - at the Boston Museum


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Over the Alps to the gates of Rome. Hannibal's crossing of the Alps, 218 BC. Illustration for The Picture Book (Educational Book Company, c 1920).

♦️Aníbal o Cartaginês

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Pr C. J. Jacinto: Caim e Abel: A Lição (Gênesis 4:4-24)

👉👉Abel e Caim💔

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size: 24x16in Giclee Print: Battle of the Teutoburg Forest, Germany, 9 AD (1913) by Arthur C Michael :
" Sacrificio humano tras el desastre de Varo " 9 d.C. ( Milek Jakubiec )

♦️Arminius X Teutoburgo

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🦎Alex Honnold

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Boabdil handing over Grenada
The Farewell of King Boabdil at Granada Painting by Alfred Dehodencq.


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Bartolomeu Dias - Explorer

🔹️Bartolomeu Dias

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Besuch beim Grafen Thun 1851. Illustration for Otto von Bismarck (Hofman, 1897).
Bei Kaiser Wilhelm 1886. Illustration for Otto von Bismarck (Hofman, 1897).

♦️Bismark, Otto von

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#lucreziaborgia #history #historical #aesthetic #historyseries #renaissance
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10 citações pouco conhecidas2
Mandrilor Astrológica & Caminhos: Confúcio e a nossa confusão


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Crooked politician pleads for his life.
Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema - Death of Caligula / Alma-Tadema

🔹️Cláudio: de bufão a Imperador

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King David II of Scotland was locked up in the castle's Pele Tower...
17.10.1346.Battle of Neville's Cross.David II, King of Scots, taken prisoner (lower left) at Neville's Cross, from an edition of Froissart's Chronicles.Bibliotheque Nationale de France, MS Fr. 2643, Folio 97
On the demise of the great Robert the Bruce in 1329, David, aged five at the time, was duly proclaimed King of Scots.  Edward Balliol, seizing the opportunity a minority presented, invaded Scotland with an English army and achieved victory over a Scottish army at Dupplin Moor when the regent, Donald, Earl of Mar was killed in battle.

🌏 David II da Escócia

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1. Oda Nobunaga
1789.Welcoming the prince of Saxa-Coburg, November 10, 1789.The troops of Prince Josias of Coburg (1737-1815) in Bucharest, 1789. Nicholas Mavrogenes-Prince of Wallachia 1735-90.
Vlad III Dracula

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Tanit (Astarte, Ishtar), the goddess of Carthage, that was worshiped by the Punic-Iberians in Spain. Heavenly goddess of war, a virginal (not married) mother goddess and nurse, a symbol of fertility
Un paseo por el Museo Arqueológico - Mil y un viajes por el mundo

♦️Dama de Elche

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♦️El Cid Campeador

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Aiden Brady & Anatol Modzelewski for BYTOM Fall/Winter 2013 Campaign
Issa Samb, Senegalese artist and member of the Laboratoire Agit’Art in Dakar #mensfashionideas

♦️Elegance Man (Aiden Brady) & Cia

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Fall of Kolberg, Seven Years War
fred 11 Ten Amazing Facts About Frederick the Great of Prussia

♦️Frederick II e Prússia

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Хромолитография для марки шоколада Guérin-Boutron / Chromolithography for the Guerin-Boutron chocolate brand. Так называемые «товарные карточки» / carte réclame можно сказать реклама 19в. Эти картонки с рисунками часто прилагались к купленным вещам, особенно к продуктам. Для оформления коллекции даже выпускались специальные альбомы, и коллекционеры обменивались недостающими экземплярами.
Fredegund (Frankish Queen-Consort of Soissons, d.597 CE). Wife of Chilperic I she was notoriously ruthless, murderous and allegedly sadistic
Supplice de la mort de Brunehaut attachée à la queue d'un cheval

♦️Fradegunda e seu terrível fim

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The fourth labor
30 Inches High x 10 Inches Wide x 12 Inches Deep This piece is a reduction of the Hercules Farnese. The Ancient Roman statue was originally a smaller, bronze statue created by the Greek sculptor Lysippos centuries earlier. Artist: Lysippos Museum: National Archaeological Museum in Naples Time Period: Ancient Greek, 4th century B.C.E./Ancient Roman, 220 C.E. 1911 Catalog ID # - 754

♦️💥Hércules o Hercúleo

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1501/03-1536.Garcilaso de la Vega.Jacopo Carucci Pontormo.Galería de Kassel. was a Spanish soldier and poet.Although not the first or the only one to do so,he was the most influential poet to introduce Italian Renaissance verse forms, poetic techniques,and themes to Spain.He was well known in poetic circles during his lifetime,and his poetry has continued to be popular without interruption until the present.His poetry was published posthumously by Juan Boscán in 1543.
14/10 - Fallecimiento de Garcilaso de la Vega

♦️Garcilaso de la Vega

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