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shrimp and grits with chives in a white bowl on top of a table
Easy Shrimp and Grits - Bowl of Delicious
Shrimp and Grits is an easy classic southern comfort food recipe that's ready in 30 minutes and is naturally gluten-free!
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I learned this in Florida | I learned this in Florida Elaine uses mannacoti shells and crab legs to make delcious seafood alfredo | By Elaine Carol’s Kitchen | Alright. This is my mom's famous seafood Alfredo recipe. Yummy. Oh my god it's so good. I'm using those pasta noodles. Now I got some shrimp. We're going to put these shrimp right on top of those noodles and that cheese and they're going to be so tasty. Oh, these are my favorite shrimp. You can get the tails off if you want or take em off yourself but I don't mind it with the tails on. I kind of like the tails on. I like to pick em up by the tails when I'm eating them. I'm going to put these extra tails in here because those are added protein. Alright. Now, garlic, gotta have garlic and seafood. You can put as much or as little as you like but I like a lot of garlic. Alright I would say that was like three two thirds of the jar. These are my favorite crab legs to use. They are an imitation crab but personally, I prefer the flavor of imitation crab because sometimes when you go to a restaurant and you get legs from a crab. They don't taste like anything or they taste like they were like frozen like seafood frozen from the ocean and then unfrozen and I feel like the texture you don't know what you're going to get but when you use these crab legs it is consistent every time the flavor is so good it taste like spices it taste like salt and pepper it taste like cajun oh it's just so good look at these oh they're beautiful and the color on them the color is so pretty so I think you know no one's going to know that you use imitation they're going to love this amazing dish it's perfect for holidays it's perfect if you're celebrating something you know like this it's fine dining that you can make at home okay we've got almost all of our legs here I'm going to put one more leg right there look at that oh so good okay now I'm going to come in with some more of my Alfredo sauce oh oh I got some garlic on my hands so it's a little hard but here we go mmm Oh yeah. That looks so good. Okay and fun trick. If you put some water into your jar of Alfredo sauce you can make more Alfredo sauce. You can literally make more Alfredo sauce by putting water in your jar. So you should always do that. You can basically get two jars in one. Look at that. Ooh so creamy. Those bubbles are how you really know. Oops. Made a little bit of a mess but that that's cooking for you. You know like if you're not making a mess. You're not having fun. You're not cooking. You're not doing it right. You're not doing it right. I am using a combination of mozzarella, Parmesan, and also some oh Parmesan and Romano. I basically just had a bunch of cheeses in my fridge. All the white Italian cheeses. You can use any white Italian cheese on this that you would like. These just happen to be what I had sitting in my cheese drawer. And I wasn't sure how long they've been in there so I want to use them before they go bad because you know cheese I mean like it doesn't really go bad but like you know it is better if you use it than you don't use it. It can get moldy. It can get moldy. None of these are moldy though. I checked. But I love to make use of what I have around. Okay that looks really good. We're just going to add some seasoning to this. Let me do some salt. This is a salt grinder. It grinds your salt onto your food. Pepper. Look at that. Isn't that so cool? It's grinding it right now. Alright, I'm going to add some more garlic powder to the top here because we want it to have a lot. It's really good for seafood. I'm going to add some old-based seasoning because I want this to have an authentic cajun flavor to our Alfredo. That's going to be really good and then, I'm going to put some cayenne pepper for spice but you can leave this off if you don't like spice. Okay, now this just needs one more thing. Now, I've got some butter and I've got my cheese grater here and I'm going to grate this butter all over this Alfredo. This crab leg manicotti seafood Alfredo with our shrimp inside. Ooh this is so good. This is my favourite dish to make. My husband loves it. My mom and dad love it. My sister-in-law. My brother doesn't like it as much but he's not a seafood lover. But everyone who likes seafood loves this dish. It's perfect for you to make for Christmas Coming up. It's a really special meal and everyone is going to like it. They're going to be impressed with your cooking. Look at this butter. This is good. Now, you can use up to 2 sticks. I might just do one but you can use two if you'd like. Alright, that looks pretty good to me. I'm just going to use my kitchen shears here or actually these are regular scissors but I'm just going to cut a little bit more butter onto here just to make sure that this really gets a creamy, good cooking. All edge to edge. Yum. I think you need some butter right there. Oh, thank you. Let me put some butter right there at the front Look, this is going to be the perfect amount. Okay. Alright, I'm going to bake this at 400 degrees for about 40 minutes. Alright y'all. Look our masterpiece is ready. This is going to be so good. This is a seafood manicotti Alfredo. You can tell it's got this nice beautiful crust on the top. It's cooked through our crab legs. We're ready to give this leaf flakes on the top here to give it a little bit of greenery. Very pretty. And healthy. I love parsley. It lowers your cholesterol and your heart pressure. Alright. Now I'm just going to cut into this masterpiece. Ooh. Both layers of that manicotti are all the way cooked through. Oh yeah. Oh wow. This is looking so good. I wish you could smell this. It smells amazing. So so good. This cheese perfectly melted. Oh we're going to see those crab legs. Here we go. Oh my goodness. Oh my. Oh. Oh yeah. Oh. We got that shrimp in there. Oh yeah. Oh look at this. It's beautiful. That just really cooked up nicely. You can see everything is perfectly cooked here. Look at that cheese. Oh. That's so good. Mm look at my oh my shell with my right there. The crab leg. I'm just going to give this a bite with my hands here. Oh, wow. That is good. That is so good. Mmm, y'all have got to try this.