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a blue hat with embroidered flowers and birds on it's side, sitting on a white surface
The Wonderful World of Pinterest- September 2014 - My So Called Crafty Life
the inside of a pair of ripped jeans with an image of hulk on it, and another
Jean Therapy- an approach to ragged jeans | Gully Creek Cottage
a piece of cloth with some thread on top of it and a ball of yarn in the middle
Crewel Embroidery, Hand Embroidery Designs, Embroidery Art, Cross Stitch Embroidery
Images By Daiana On Bordado 769
a small sailboat floating on top of the ocean with stars in the sky above it
an image of the night sky with stars and clouds over water, as well as some other things
Moonlit embroidered seascape.
a piece of cloth with circles and dots on it, in the shape of a half moon
indigo moon
the screen is showing an image of colorful circles on white fabric with red, green, blue and yellow thread
10 Aussie Indie Designers using Embroidery
someone is peeling the hole in their jeans
a close up of a circular object with bead work on the inside of it
Crystal Dew Drops on Embroidered Spiderweb
Japanese Embroidery, Abstract Embroidery, Artesanato, Shashiko Embroidery
Sashiko Journal Quilt
the embroidery design is made with beads and threads on white fabric, it looks like an abstract piece of art
a pair of scissors is cutting through the thread on a piece of white fabric that has been stitched together
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