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Um... I already know I'm beautiful, my beauty radiates for like, miles!!!

Horoscopes Quotes : Things your zodiac sign should remember. Cancer â Zodiac Sign

My sister ( Leo ) always say jk after saying something like " Your stupid ." and whatnot

Okay, I don't do the Astrology stuff.all I know is that I'm a Capricorn.but this is so true.

♓ YES! I hate how so many treat me like a child just because I look young :)

Hmmm my Taurus side is showing. a DOCTOR told me I was

thezodiacvibes: Read more about your Zodiac Squad

thezodiacvibes: Read more about your Zodiac Squad aww I'm someone to call home

Zodiac Mind - Your #1 source for Zodiac Facts : Photo

I'm a Gemini and i like to play my music loud af

When zodiac signs get mad

When the Zodiac Signs Get Mad: Cancer Zodiac Sign♋ - "the kings & queens of passive-aggressiveness">>>>Gemini=ME

The signs at a wedding

The signs at a wedding -- This is seriously true because I am a Scorpio

haha too funny :) I would never go to the bathroom in the woods. Hell, I probably wouldn't even be camping :D

Bahahaha Aries and Aquarius got drunk and started jumping over the fire.

I'm a perfect sleeper

[ Youre Beautiful ]✧.

Horoscope - nah see idunno, I think virgo is part of that second category-<<libra cuddles all the way!