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Colorful Wall of Crocheted Everyday Items

Not a quilt but an amazing display of potholders . Bright Things: Anu Tuominen’s Crochet Potholder Installation

This colorful installation is a collection of crocheted potholders by artist Anu Tuominen. In much of her work, the Finland-based artist redefines the function of basic, everyday stuff. She finds neglected and unloved goods, and by reworking these things, she gives them new life as conceptual art

Colorful Wall of Crocheted Everyday Items

Anu Tuominen exhibit at the Nordic Watercolor Museum, Sweden, Crocheted pot holders, collected from fleamarkets. See more of Anu's fantastic art here: www.

Anu Tuominen

"Anu Tuominen is one of the most acclaimed conceptual artists in Finland". pot holders installed She collects and organizes flea mar.

Anu Tuominen -  Without Words  2011

Anu Tuominen - Ready-made Ballpoint Pen Drawings, 2011 (crocheting, etc.

Beautiful crochet wall when my kid is old enough to not pull it down i will definitely make something like this.

It's the work of Finnish artist Anu Tuominen, a truly impressive collection of vintage crochet potholders displayed as art.

Werkt | | Anu Tuominen

Lisää värejä / More Colours, 2012