feather mobile

feather mobile- I saw you had a tutorial for gold-dipped feathers on one of your boards. What if we made some, and we also made paper feathers out of sheet music, and we turned them into this mobile?


Nordic Thoughts: Himmeli/olkihimmeli - Oro/halmkrona/takkronor How to make straw tree ornaments

Copper star himmeli

DIY with copper pipes christmas ornament - www.



Himmeli is a traditional Finnish ornament.

himmeli star

Brass Pollen ball mobile - finnish himmeli sculpture - MEDIUM - sphere -- wonder if i can make something similar

himmeli diy

Natural Straw Modern Mobile: Himmeli No. 1 - "A traditional Finnish Christmas craft, Himmeli are related to straw decorations in Sweden, Latvia and Romania.

Himmeli mobile - simple and elegant.

A nice himmeli "chandelier".

Himmeli Garlands - 9 & 7.5 feet Long - black plastic straw 94 usd | Megin Sherry on Etsy.

set of 2 Geometric Garlands - 9 & feet Long - Scandinavian himmeli mobile

Himmeli, suuri

Originally Himmelis where made out of straw but this Himmeli is wooden, made out of Finnish Birch plywood. It is laser cut in Finland. Designed by Elina Mäntylä.


Bobbi has all the straws!

60+North: Himmeli: done!

Himmeli, a traditional Finnish Christmas deco

modern mobile : white himmeli no. 6

modern mobile : white himmeli no.

My first DYI done! a massive himmeli made out of black straws.

a massive himmeli made out of black straws.