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an old refrigerator is turned into a picnic table
Old Fridge Rustic Cooler: Affordable 11-Step Project
How to Turn an Old Fridge into an Awesome Rustic Cooler http://diyprojects.ideas2live4.com/2015/10/05/how-to-turn-an-old-fridge-into-an-awesome-rustic-cooler/ Now we think this is just the COOLEST cooler project ever. Why? Because an old fridge cooler offers a lot more features than all the other coolers out there! Know more about it and learn how to build one yourself now :)
a table made out of pallet wood with a stove top on it and tools
Find a gas range on craigslist or yard sale..you have an outdoor stove :) Outdoor cooking! - Outdoor Ideas
a frying pan with some food cooking on it
Survival Cooking
I have one of these. It burns twigs and pine cones found on ground in your yard. Perfect survival tool. Reaches 1200 degrees in minutes.
an odd looking metal object with eyes and hands on it's legs, sitting in front of a wooden wall
The WHOot
How funny - have to laugh
a fire pit with logs in it on the ground
Self feeding firepit ! What an awesome idea !!!
a fire pit with logs in it on the ground
Self feeding firepit ! What an awesome idea !!!
there is a bbq grill on the back deck and it's not too hot
Home - The Owner-Builder Network
How To Build An Ugly Drum Smoker http://theownerbuildernetwork.co/uysd Smokers are always one of our most popular projects. We thought you might like a smoker project that is easy enough to do in a weekend! It doesn’t require any welding and you’ll find everything you need at your local hardware store!
a man standing next to a large black barrel on top of a grass covered field
Ugly Drum Smoker Plans | How to Build a UDS - Ugly Drum Smoker
How to make your own UDS (ugly drum smoker) for cheap
a bbq grill sitting on top of a wooden pallet in front of a house
BIG SMOKEY triple barrel smoker
several pictures of different types of wooden structures in the process of being built and assembled
The Great Ideaz
Learn How To Build A Smokehouse With This Awesome Project! from Smoking Meat Forum user Nick from Texas,
a metal trash can with yellow flowers growing out of it
A Rocket Stove Made From a Five Gallon Metal Bucket
The principle behind a rocket stove is simple--rather than cooking on an open fire, you burn wood in an insulated chimney. Rocket stoves are highly efficient and easy to make. They run on twigs, so you can avoid cutting down a whole tree just to cook dinner.
an outdoor stove with hot dogs cooking in it and the instructions for how to use it
Rocket Stove for Ultimate Low Fuel Cooking
You need to build one of these little portable stoves. very hot and nearly smoke free. great for bug out kit.
a stove that is sitting in the dirt
Making an Ammo Can Stove
A brilliant site with many in depth tutorials including the ammo stove for inside the bell tent. This young man is very gifted and deserves widespread acknowledgement for his efforts.