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a drawing of two people with musical notes in the background
an artistic drawing of musical instruments and people dancing in front of a piano, with music notes hanging from the ceiling
An Echo of Nobility by Hajar KARTAF at
two men are sitting in front of a mirror and one is holding a flute to his mouth
a concert hall filled with lots of people sitting and standing in front of a piano
Enzmann Fischer . Büro Konstrukt
an image of a drawing on paper with people and buildings in the backgroud
Faces & Jazz
a painting of a man sitting at a table playing the piano while wearing a blue hat
Show of Hands
a man riding a skateboard down the side of a wooden ramp in black and white
a man in a blue suit playing a trumpet
an oil painting of people sitting in a room
Boris Aleksandrovich Talberg (Russian, 1930-1984) Disco, 1969 via podsteklom
a man sitting at a piano in front of a light bulb
Jamey Christoph
a painting of a man with a saxophone in front of a blue and purple background
SAXY - Cbabi Bayoc