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COBOL will outlive us all

In the early I was told that COBOL was going away and that I should quickly move toward other programming languages. Well, thirty years later, COBOL is alive and well and living in large companies everywhere.

Node.js server and Web Sockets on Amazon EC2 with Express.js and Socket.IO

Node.js server and Web Sockets on Amazon EC2 with Express.js and Socket.IO

Avoid Being Embarrassed by Your Error Messages

great articles on current user experience topics: mainly interaction design, information architecture, reseach, design communication/processes.

Are You Saying “No” When You Could Be Saying “Yes” in Your Web Forms?

“Oops, you didn’t enter a departure date. Please use the calendar to select a date for your departure flight.

Rubber Duck Problem Solving

Rubber ducky "race" - Let guests pick their number (keep a list!), put all the ducks in a large bucket or kiddy pool, and draw winners throughout the party. People get to keep their rubber ducky!

Saas Metrics (Great blog post)

Looks at the high level goals of a SaaS business and drills down to expose the key metrics. Provides a detailed look at what management must focus on to drive a successful SaaS business.

Llama, one of the most useful Android apps ever.

Phone going off at night? Annoying your colleagues at work? Get Llama!

Video: How Reddit was born

There are only a few founders that I really like and Steve Huffman and Alexis Ohanian are two of them.

A Walk Into Darkness

CoinBoss found A Walk Into Darkness (Unknown Cache)