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Ilona Markkanen

Ilona Markkanen
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Silo style in Woodland, Utah Called Monte-Silo, this round house sits next to the Provo River. A second-story deck offers water views. The unique dwelling, which is made from two corrugated metal grain silos, is a mere 27 feet in diameter.

Palomino Horse

Palomino - chestnut horse with cream dilute gene resulting in varied shades of golden coat with white or cream mane and tail; body coat can be as pale as light beige, gold like a newly minted coin, or as dark as chocolate


Female Beavers are smaller and lighter in color than the dark males. The female stays in the nest with the pups, where there's an underwater entrance, but a high platform that is out of the water and warm. Both sexes have the "paddle tail.