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Baobab:  The Upside-Down Tree, grows in low-lying areas in Africa & Australia.

The so-called Baobab tree grows mostly in Africa and Australia, but only in low-lying areas. You will notice that It looks like they are growing upside-down.

Avenue of the Baobabs by jw234, via Flickr

Grandidier's Baobabs (Adansonia grandidieri) Avenue des baobabs Morandava, Madagascar Photo by John Weihe

I think this art work reflects transcendentalism because it represents peace and isolation. This person is sailing in a peace river and is isolated from scoiety and it problems, instead this person is becoming one with nature.

Healing ensues from the willingness to accept the power of mind, and the willingness to never allow the mind to say something negative without challenging it and replacing it with a positive thought. Hawkins (Image: GÜNEŞE YOLCULUK - By Ayşe Tem

Flying Geese over Lake, Slotepark, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

These geese flying in front of the sunset is a technique using both reflective photography and motion capture imagery. I like how the silhouettes are highlighted by the rays of the setting sun.