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One of those epic dance nights in São Paulo! People Dancing, Big Party, Like A Local, People Like, Dance, Feelings, Night, Concert, World

Can't stay away from São Paulo! — Zouk The World

In January I went back to São Paulo - for zouk, obviously! I wrote a more comprehensive report last year but below are some updates on where to find zouk in São Paulo. Some new clubs have surfaced and teachers have new schedules... Burn the floor in São Paulo First about the zou

Brazilian zouk at the famous Pineapple Studios in London! Pineapple Studios, Missing My Friend, Flights To London, Like A Local, Dance Videos, My Way, Tokyo, Around The Worlds, Travel

Zouk in London - dancing my way home — Zouk The World

It was the middle of June and I was reaching the end of my big trip around the world when I arrived to London. Actually I was also getting back to square one, to London, where this adventure started over six months earlier. I was dying to be done with the trip, I was missi

Amazing time with the local latin dancers in Japan! Like A Local, Latin Dance, The Locals, Dancers, How To Find Out, Japan, Couples, World, Amazing

Zouk in Japan - the surprising latin & Brazilian dance hub — Zouk The World

Believe it or not, you can do lots of latin dancing in Japan, even zouk! And not just in Tokyo but in various locations in the country. I was excited to visit some other cities beyond Tokyo in my quest to find out how is Japanese zouk and extended my time in Japan a couple days just for that :) Toky

Salsa dancing at Cloudlands, Brisbane, Australia Brisbane Australia, Salsa Dancing, Like A Local, Latin Dance, 5 Years, Wedding Reception, Places To Go, World, Travel

Brisbane - zouk capital of Australia (part 2) — Zouk The World

If you want to dance zouk in Australia Brisbane is the place to go. During my week in Brisbane I had lots of time to go check out the latin dance scene - obviously I focused on the zouk socials and classes since this was the zouk capital of this side of the world! There's something going on every ni

Dancing zouk in Auckland - quite the dancing city in NZ! I Have Been Waiting, Time To Move On, Like A Local, Auckland, Comebacks, New Zealand, Dancing, America, Adventure

New horizons, New Zealand: Zouk & adventures in Auckland — Zouk The World

It was one of those long nights. But one I had been waiting for a while: my flight from Santiago to Auckland. I had come to the end of my four months in Latin America. Four months... it had passed so fast. As I packed my bags once again I was feeling quite happy since I had grown a bit tired of the

Late in the night at Capital Bar in São Paulo, the undeniable zouk capital of the world Cities In South America, Bad Life, Isn, Like A Local, Dream Life, Dancer, Night, World, Travel

Week in the life of a zouk dancer in São Paulo (- and it isn’t a bad life!) — Zouk The World

After the Floripa carnival and a couple days relaxing on the beach at Ilha do Mel I was ready to enter one of the biggest cities in South America, São Paulo. A massive city - by population (about 19 million) and by physical size, the metropolis spreads out tens of kilometers in each direction, melti

Carnaval week in Floripa - drag queens, caipirinhas, samba and desert beaches (part — Zouk The World Catholic Holidays, Like A Local, Samba, Places To See, Dance, World, Beach, Travel, Carnival

Carnaval week in Floripa - drag queens, caipirinhas, samba and desert beaches (part 1) — Zouk The World

Three flights. Three effing flights. Never again will I book a trip to somewhere with two stopovers. This time even the second flight left an hour late so the second stop was a bit more “exciting”. But these are the things a girl needs to do to get to a carnival! So I flew from Argentina to Brazil,

Dancing up a storm in Buenos Aires — Zouk The World Iguazu Falls, Like A Local, Coincidences, Samba, Tango, Night Life, Dancer, World, Travel

Dancing up a storm in Buenos Aires — Zouk The World

Dancing is a popular past time in Buenos Aires - the tango capital of the world - and the city is known for its nightlife. So I made sure I got my share! Zouk is going strong in Buenos Aires, and even with the dominance of tango there's something for all kind of dancers. I went out to zouk to Mal

San Cristobal de las Casas – cooling down up in the mountains — Zouk The World Artisan & Artist, Cold Night, Warm Outfits, Salsa, How To Look Better, Dance, Cool Stuff, World, Travel

San Cristobal de las Casas – cooling down up in the mountains — Zouk The World

San Cristobal de las Casas is a town in the Chiapas region mountains, located 2000m above sea level. I took a whirlwind minicab ride to San Cristobal from the Palenque jungle and was greeted by a cold cold night air upon arrival. I wouldn’t say I was delighted to be there,