Bisected Boulders With Stretched Bronze Interiors by Romain Langlois

Bisected boulders with stretched bronze interiors by La Côte Martin-based artist Romain Langlois.

Merete Rasmussen

inspiration from an art piece (if North is upward I'd rotated the bldg. 90 degrees), by Merete Rasmussen

Hitomi Hosono - The Scottish Gallery, Edinburgh - Contemporary Art Since 1842

Hitomi Hosono - carved porcelain, recently seen at The Scottish Gallery in Edinburgh - beautiful!

Las orgánicas piezas de porcelana hechas por Hitomi Hosono.                           — HITOMI HOSONO       vía designboom


Dustin Yellin - Caves

Dustin Yellin is a contemporary artist currently based in Brooklyn, New York. He uses multiple layers of glass, each covered in detailed imagery, to create a single intricate, three-dimensional collag

This is glass! Mind-blowing and beautiful. By Seattle-based artist Carol Milne

Mind-blowing and beautiful. By Seattle-based artist Carol Milne - knitted glass.

Installation art by artist Do Ho Suh // architectural replicas

Artist Recreates Colorful Full-Scale Models of Hallways from His Former Homes

Do Ho Suh’s full-scale architectural replicas help the installation artist explore themes of identity and migration.